Team forming

  • Teams must consist of at least two people or up to a maximum of eight members. Exceptions can be made for teams to have more than six members on a case by case basis. Contact the Codeathon committee in case you need to have a team more than six members.
  • If a professional firm is sponsoring a team that will represent the firm, we respectfully ask to only sponsor one team from the firm. Anyone organizing their personal team and not representing the firm is welcome to participate.
  • All teams should have a Team Leader.
  • Teams should reach out and compose all types of talent on a team from designers, documentation, coders and promotion members. We also suggest including experts in the Opioid subject area (Business, communication and policy partners)
  • Changes to team members are not permitted after 9:00 am Saturday, September 22. If you do not have a team and need to form a team or be part of a team, please contact an event coordinator and they will happily hook you up.
  • All teams should have a team name, and be registered by 9:00 Saturday.
  • Teams can consist of students, professionals and civic coders.


  • Attendees from all backgrounds, genders and geographies are welcome.
  • Participants must be 18 years or older.
  • Code4PA coordinators are not eligible to participate in the codeathon nor receive prizes. They may however assist teams in the coding/development phase.
  • Team participants must bring their own equipment and cables.
  • Participants must adhere to the Code of Conduct at all times.
  • Participation on pitch day can be at HU Harrisburg, HU Philly or Pittsburgh, but teams must attend one of the locations to pitch.