What is Code4PA?

Code4PA is a chance to collaborate and meet new people, learn new technology, build prototypes and apps and have fun.


I have never been to a codeathon before, what should I do?

We love first time coders! We will be providing mentors during the codeathon and running workshops. Come ready to learn, put your skills to work and network along the way.


Is this event for me? I do not have coding experience.

Yes, we need all skills and talents. Teams consisting of different talents create a richer more meaningful solution. In our workplace we create teams of all talents to work a project. Subject matter experts, analytical skills, coding skills, presentation abilities, the big idea or visionaries, project management, organizers, it takes us all. Bring your skills, join a team, collaborate and network, and you will learn something new while expanding your network and creating lasting friendships.


When and where is Code4PA happening?

2020 information coming soon!


What is the pitch date?

2020 information coming soon!


Can I sign up for just the pitch date?

2020 information coming soon!


Will there be multiple satellite locations available for this year’s codeathon?
Yes. This year’s satellite locations will be announced soon!


Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome – programmers, developers, designers, project managers and others alike.

If a professional firm is sponsoring a team that will represent the firm, we respectfully ask to only sponsor one team from the firm. Anyone organizing their personal team and not representing the firm is welcome to participate.
Any one participating in Code4PA must be 18+ years old.


As a team member. Teams of developers, designers, entrepreneurs and others come together to compete for cool swag and prizes.


As a mentor. The competing teams need guidance to make their app and business concepts awesome. If you’ve launched a tech startup, worked in app development, have startup legal experience, know how to position a new app or business in the marketplace, love data, or are an open data activist, please join us.


As a volunteer. We can use talents and skills in all kinds of ways. If you are interested in being part of the fun, let us know.


How much does it cost?

Code4PA is free; however, parking is not included. For information on parking check out our parking information here.


I have formed a team to compete in this competition. I have found data that is publicly available on the internet, can I use that data to generate idea?


Yes publicly available data from the internet can be used to generate ideas. The solution you create must use at least one dataset from the Commonwealth of PA’s Open Data Portal – in addition you can add other datasets to create your solution.


How about teams?

Teams must consist of at least two members with a maximum of eight members. We would highly recommend having a mix of technology experts and Health/Opioid Use Disorder (Business) experts to be members of the team.


What should I bring?

You’ll need an ID and the items you’ll need throughout the weekend. Laptop, chargers, phone, the basics.


Are we required to use Open Source software?

It is not a requirement to use Open Source software; however, with the culture of a codeathon, we encourage it.


When is the deadline to apply?

2020 information coming soon!


Wait! What about….?

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at Code4PA@HarrisburgU.edu